We are absolutely nuts about the outdoors!

Fat Squirrel Outdoor Co. came about from three peoples passion for being outdoors and offering the skills, knowledge and bespoke outdoor experiences they have to those around them and anyone who wanted to listen. Hey, we think we got a little boring ourselves talking and doing it!

Whatever you want to do outdoors, we are sure we can make it happen for you, just how you want it to be. We can provide that bespoke experience that you have been looking for. On the other hand, if you need some help and guidance, we can offer activities, events, celebrations like birthday parties, Stag & Hen Parties, experiences and adventures straight out of the box so to speak, well our heads actually, its your choice. (By the way, our heads are normal, they are not like boxes)!

We are known for our attention to detail, our customer service, friendly approach and our ability to make a bespoke & tailor made experience every single time for all of our customers. This is what we pride ourselves on, making life long memories, not just forgotten moments in time. Life is way too short for that.

We are fairly new as a company and are quite happy to make a name for ourselves based on our customers experiences. We love you tell us how well we have done. Our customer base is varied and wide, as we can provide bespoke experiences and learning to virtually anyone. Whether you are a group of friends looking for something totally different in a back to basics camping experience, a school or college looking to widen and broaden the learning of your young people in a different or unique environment, a company looking to give your team a competitive edge through new experiences or you just want to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, a stag or hen party or just about any celebration you can think of, we can make this happen for you.

What makes us difference is that we care about the detail. The detail is yours, your idea, your excitement, your dream and will can provide the reality down to the very last detail.

We are unique in that we can assist you in making an idea the reality. If you need help with visualising an event or experience, we have the ideas. If you have the ideas, we love to listen and help you make them happen. All this in an outdoor environment is pretty unique we think!

We are pretty awesome to do business we think, so why not see what we can help you with today.


These are just a few of the experiences we can offer....


Wilderness Skills

Ever thought to yourself, ' I would love to be able to do that'!

Hey, guess what, you can!







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Team Building & Corporate

No one really wants to do these team building days, but that's because you haven't tried our bespoke team building activities  and events yet. We think they rock, seriously!

Bring your company or department to us for the best outdoor team building you can get. We think that we are the nuts at this!


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Bespoke Celebrations & Birthdays

Thinking of having a party? Kids Birthday Parties through to Stag or Hen do's? Looking for something different? you have come to the right place.  Come and see what we can do for you!




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Learning Outdoors for Schools & Colleges

Learning doesn't always happen in a classroom. Give their creative ability some space and fresh air to develop in!

Have you tried the rest and now want the best? Why not give us a call. We would love to come and talk to you about what we can offer you and how we can make something special to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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