At Fat Squirrel, we can offer some great party activities and you can choose as many or as little as you want because its all about you!

crate stack

Crate Stacking

The kids absolutely love this activity. Working in pairs, the idea is to building your stack of crates as high as you can whilst balancing on your stack, suspended from above and secure in your harness. You have got to be careful though, one false move and the whole lot will topple over!

den 2

Den Building

We love a good Den at Fat Squirrel. We have spent many a happy hour constructing various different Den structures in our woodland. We love the creativity and fun that kids have making each den individual and their own. We have plenty of wood, leaves and natural covering for a den but we can also provide specific den building kits to help the creative ideas to flow.

Firemaking Skills

Fire Lighting

We teach the basics of fire lighting through to the really fun stuff including Bow Drill fire lighting using only friction and heat to create an ember to start a fire. The kids absolutely love this activity. Starting with a flint and steel, we get them used to producing a spark and then we take them all the way through to different fire types and builds. Finally, it is time to test the new skills that they have learnt and light their fire that we use to cook on in our amazing woodland.


Riffle Shooting

Using our .22 riffles, we can have a great time on the range. Starting with the basics, we will have your young adventures hitting the bullseye in no time. Set in our woodland, you party-goers will get the chance to test their shooting skills in real life with these purpose built riffles, ideal for smaller people. Firing pellets at targets and objects in a tin-can alley style, this is a firm favourite with our party-goers and visitors to our woodland.


Laser Combat

Laser combat is the new craze hitting the woodland scene. Having played Fortnight and other player verses player games, now we can offer the chance to play these games for real with laser technology.

Using Laser Combat guns, we can offer various game scenarios for your birthday party. Capture the flag, Domination and Battle Royale to name a few, running through the woodland palying these amazing team based games against your freinds is the coolest thing to do.

Over a two hour session, our woodland offers the opportunity to test your skills of markmanship, camouflage and stealth against your frends and family/


axe 1

Axe Throwing

Kids love the thrill of axe throwing and getting the technique just right to make the axe stick every time. Once you've mastered this, then going for accuracy is the next skill to master.

This isn't as easy as it looks, so when it comes to a bit of competition between your friends, you need to make sure you have the bullseye firmly in your sights if you are going to be crowned the axe throwing champion of the day!

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