Meet the Team

 We are Fat Squirrel Outdoor Co. Ltd. We  make our focus and philosophy of an amasing outdoor experience every time, a reality.

Joff Greer

Founder & Director

Living in North Leigh, Joff is a Scout Leader and enjoys spending time with his family, Lottie the Black Lab and his various Landrovers.


Jack Talbot


Living in Abingdon and a Scout leader in Eynsham, Jack is our resident expert in all things survival and wilderness. Having trained in some of the harshest environments, Jack adds a further dimension of knowledge and skill to the Fat Squirrel team. He is highly organised and committed and just loves being outdoors!


Aubrey Townsend

Founder & Director


Living in Witney, Aubrey is a Scout Leader and an experienced climber. He enjoys spending time with his family and his extended roles in scouting in the County.

John Masters

Founder & Director

Living in Witney, John prefers the more pampered side of the outdoor life. A Scout Leader with Joff & Aubrey, John enjoys spending time with his family and getting home to his bed after being away on camps.

Our Story

This all started with three very good friends that had a one or two common interests. The first and probably the most importantly, all three friends love the outdoors. I mean, they love everything about being outdoors, the freedom, the nature, the fresh-air and the opportunity to practice some of the skills and knowledge that they have gained over the years in their various different roles and experiences in life.

Secondly, these three friends loved 'scouting'. Every week, they still run a Scout Troop based in North Leigh in Witney, West Oxfordshire and enjoy delivering a fun, challenging, dynamic and outdoor programme to 38 young people who share their passion for scouting and everything it stands for.

With Fat Squirrel Outdoor Co, three friends saw an opportunity to offer their skill sets and passion for being outdoors not just to their scouts and friends. They thought, lets make their passion for everything outdoors, whether bushcraft skills, bespoke celebrations in natural woodland settings or woodland learning a reality.

From their private woodland base in North Leigh, West Oxfordshire, the dream began. With their roots still firmly in scouting and everything that scouting stands for in respect, honour, loyalty and learning, Fat Squirrel Outdoor Co. Ltd welcome any enquiry into any bespoke event that you would like to consider us for.


Our Approach

Everything begins and ends in the outdoors. Based in our private woodland, we like to offer our customers a bespoke experience to meet their specific requirements and needs. Our friendly approach and attention to detail will ensure that whether yo are just looking to learn some new skills, practice some existing skills, celebrate with family or friends whatever your age, plan an educational event with a school or college, have a family traditional camping experience in our unique woodland location or a corporate team building experience; we can assure you it won't be a drama for us.

We can just tell that you are aching to get in touch...!

Why not drop us an email, give us a call or send us a wood-pigeon. We are not fussy how!